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I’m Farshid Rodsari,  Art Director & Creative.

Feel free to look at some of my cases.


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Mixed Design, Layout & Web 


Here is a little mix of graphic oriented works. You will find Art Direction, animations, illustrations, web design, layout & more. 

Client: Gapminder
Agency: Aoki
Area: Art Direction, Animation, Social media.

Animations illustrated & made in conjunction with rebranding work for Gapminder.


Client: Publicis Sapient / Collector
Project: Branding manual designed for collector during my internship at Publicis Sapient (then, Digitas Lbi)
Area: Art Direction, research, Layout .

Client: Kaferang Sthlm
Project: Branding work & menu design for Kaferang.
Area: Art Direction, branding.


Client: Atma Yesterday
Project: Album cover.
Area: Art Direction, illustration.

Client: Teater Halland
Project: Website redesign.
Area: Art Direction, Web design.

Client: LKF
Project: T-Shirt Design.
Area: Illustration / Design.

Client: Sjöräddningssällskapet
Project: Flyt campaign for Sjöräddningssällskapet.
Area: Art Direction, campaign branding, Web design.

Client: Sigmastocks
Project: Branding campaign.
Area: Art Direction, Web design.

Client: IM
Project: This is part of a Campaign done in Yrgo Reklam & Marknadsföring edjucation.
Area: Art Direction, Campaign idea & Copy.