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Hi! I’m Farshid Rodsari a multi diciplinary Art Director, Animator, Videographer, Composer and most importantly, a storyteller.

I specialize in finding the right imagery and tone for conveying the message of my clients to their audience, and as a multifacet creative i’m able to help you see your vision come to life while overseeing the process from start to finish. 

Dont hesitate to hit me up. 


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Myrorna SS19 

There are many who want to help others but might not really know how, where to start, or why second hand businesses like Myrorna are so good for the community and for the enviroment. The purpose of this campaign is to take it a step further and show how the excess income is used and that it actually does matter when you shop second hand.

Client: Myrorna 
Agency: Aoki
Area: Art Direction, Animation